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What is Debt Counselling?

The National Credit Act introduced Debt Counselling to assist over-indebted consumers by creating an affordable repayment plan for the consumers which is also acceptable by all the consumers Credit Providers.

The intension of the debt counselling process is to assist all over-indebted consumers who cannot meet all their monthly obligations. We take over all the communication and negations on your behalf between yourself and all your credit providers.

5 Steps in the Debt counselling program!

Step 1:

Complete an application form and provide all the details of your Credit Providers. (Online/in person)

Step 2:

We determine if you are over-indebted or not.

Step 3:

If you are over-indebted, we will inform all your Credit Providers and the Credit Bureaus that you are applying to be placed under Debt Review. We will also request all your account information from your credit providers (balances, etc.).

You first REDUSED payment will start immediately at the end of the month. During the first 60 days, you are legally protected and no form of legal action may be taken against you in respect of the terms as laid out in the Nation Credit Act.

Step 4:

After receiving all your different account information, we will then restructure your payment plan and do all the negotiates with your Credit Providers, where necessary. After negotiations with your Credit Providers, your new restructured payment plan (proposal) will be sent to all your Credit Providers and this payment plan will take effect upon approval from your credit providers.

(Your restructured payment plan will reduce your monthly debt repayments to an amount affordable by you, ensuring that you will have enough money left for all your monthly obligations.)

Step 5:

We will instruct our attorneys to apply at court to make your restructured payment plan a court order. The debt counsellor will appear in court on your behalf, unless the magistrate requires your presence.

The process will then be completed and you MUST ensure that your monthly payments are made timeously as set out in your court order to prevent Credit Providers from acting against you.